Drop-Off Laundry Protects The Environment

Drop-Off Laundry is one of the easiest way to give the environment a break.

A lot of people know about drop-off laundry services at De Mun Cleaners. Just bring in your laundry and we wash, dry and fold for you. It’s simple, affordable and we always do it right.

But what most people don’t know is the environmental story behind our drop-off laundry service. The fact is, De Mun Cleaners offers the most environmentally responsible solution for keeping your clothes clean… and keeping you out of the laundry room.

Cleaner clothes with filtered water

It all starts with filtered water. Did you know that the water in St. Louis is considered “very hard.” That means calcium and magnesium levels in our tap water are high. Dissolved Calcium and magnesium minerals create that leftover yellowish limescale on surfaces when the water dries. And, yes, if it’s in the water, it will be in your clothes. At De Mun Cleaners, we filter treat all of our wash water before it gets to your clothes.

Softer water needs less detergent

Here’s another fact: water hardness diminishes the performance of detergents. Wash your hands in soft water and soap and you’ll notice that your hands are a lot cleaner than if you use the same soap with hard water. That’s because hard water is saturated with minerals and cannot carry as much dissolved dirt. It’s like trying to fill a bucket that’s already half full. Your laundry comes out cleaner at De Mun Cleaners because we use super-clean water. And that lets us use less detergent, which protects the environment.

High Efficiency Detergent without dyes and perfumes

What about the detergent?

The environmental story doesn’t stop with the water efficiency. The little bit of filtered water that goes down the drain at De Mun Cleaners isn’t going to poison a stream or pollute a river. We demand the highest standard of environmental protection from any chemicals we use. And we won’t sacrifice performance. The answer is in a surprisingly small bottle of a strange-sounding product: AdcoEco Laundry Detergent. You probably have never heard of it, but this high-efficiency detergent is our secret to super cleaning results that don’t hurt all the creatures downstream. AdcoEco Commercial Laundry Detergent and Softeners are dye-free, perfume-free and extremely concentrated. But, if you like your clean laundry with a touch of natural lavender scent, we’ve got an environmentally friendly option for you. Just let us know your preference.

Huebsch is the world leader in laundry efficiency

Use fewer gallons of water

At De Mun Cleaners, use Huebsch High-Efficiency Front-Load Washers to clean your clothes. That saves gallons of water with each load. A typical home washing machine uses about 40 gallons of clean water with each load! Our high-efficiency Huebsch washers use less than 20 gallons! And these babies can clean!

So, why are you still doing your own laundry? Skip the hassle and bring your laundry – and your dry cleaning – to De Mun Professional Cleaners. You’ll be doing yourself AND the environment a big favor.


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