It’s Sweater Weather…Pull’ em out and freshen em’ up

The middle of Fall is, officially, sweater time. Sweaters are just a great way to look nice and feel good. Everywhere, sweaters are coming out of storage and being put back into the clothing rotation, unless you’re in the tropics. Caring for sweaters properly ensures their long life and that you’ll be able to enjoy them year after year. Since sweaters can be made of so many different fibers and fabrics, it is recommended that you follow the instructions.

Some sweaters may need more than just a cleaning to get them back into shape for this year’s sweater season. Sometimes sweaters can pick up odors, or even damage, while in damage. If you’ve expanded(or your sweaters have shrunk) you may be able to stretch the sweater to fit you properly. Professional cleaners can bring your sweaters back to a feel and look that are just like new. Your sweaters are your armor against the cold, and we have has just the tools to revive your sweater’s best qualities.

  • If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, follow the care label instructions on the sweater before proceeding.
  • If the tags says “dry clean only” then it is best to bring it in to us.
  • If your sweater is washable, consider using extra fabric softener to fluff it up.
  • It is recommended that you clean your sweaters before storage. If you did that, then you can skip the cleaning process, and air tumble dry the sweaters with a dryer sheet to get them back in shape again.
  • If you’ve grown, or your sweaters have shrunk, your cleaner can block and reshape sweaters to give them a little extra room as ales expensive alternative to buying new sweaters.

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