6 Do’s and Don’ts For Stain Removal

  • DON’T. Rub the stain. This may damage the nap of the fabric, or set the stain further.
  • DO. Blot the stain immediately with a dry, white cloth napkin.
  • DON’T. Use water on the stain, if it is an oil-based stain, water may complicate the stain.
  • DO. Bring the garment to your dry cleaner as soon as possible. The longer you wait to treat the stain, the more difficult it may be to remove.
  • DON’T. Use any type of “home remedy”. Many times, what you use to get the stain out creates a worse stain than the original.
  • DO. Tell your dry cleaner if you have used any spotting agents at home. These can sometimes interfere with dry cleaning solvents.

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