Finally, A Garment Bag That’s Good For The Environmentgreengarmento_logo

We are pleased to offer a new eco-friendly product: The Green Garmento®. Specifically created for dry-cleaners and our customers, these special reusable bags will help us work together to eliminate single-use plastic garment covers and to recycle hangers.Green Garmento Environmentally Friendly Garment Bags Image

The Green Garmento® is an all-in-one reusable laundry/duffel/garment bag created to help you organize and “green” your dry-cleaning routine!  At home, this great delivery bag serves as a hamper; on your trip to the dry-cleaner, it becomes an attractive duffel bag; and at pick-up, it transforms into a side-zippered hanging garment bag so your dry-cleaned clothes will be protected in a breathable, water-repellent bag.

Every year, 300 million pounds of  single-use plastic dry cleaning bags clog U.S. landfills and waterways threatening marine and wildlife.

The simple step of switching to The Green Garmento® will help reduce the estimated 300 million pounds of single-use plastic dry-cleaning bags and hundreds of tons of hangers that annually enter our landfills and waterways, threatening our marine and wildlife.

We suggest two bags per household so one is always at home as your “hamper” while the other is in “garment” mode, holding your cleaned clothes, ready for pick up or delivery.Green Garmento Hamper

We are offering The Green Garmento® reusable dry-cleaning bag for $9.99 each or two for $18.00 ($26.00 retail value). We will be charging a deposit, refundable anytime for these premium bags, to help us reduce our plastic and wire hanger consumption*.

If you’d like to learn more, please visit

Hopefully, together we can be fantastic and use less plastic with The Green Garmento®!