University Club Tower Service

If you work in the University Club Tower, you’re eligible for DeMun Professional Cleaners Pickup/Drop Off Service. Simply complete the form below and enter your payment details. You can also call (314) 494-2347 to register by phone. You will be automatically charged monthly for any laundry services used. There is no additional fee and no minimum order. Pickup and Drop-off days are Monday and Thursday of each week.

Laundry Services
Service Price
Shirts on Hanger $2.35
Shirts (Boxed) $2.40
Slacks or Shorts $6.95
Sport Shirts $6.95

Dry Cleaning Services
Service Price
Slacks $7.25
Blouses $7.25
Skirts $7.25
Dresses $14.50
Suits $14.50
Sweaters $7.25
Ties $7.25

To sign up, please complete the form below or call (314) 494-2347 to register by phone.